Terms and Conditions

Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey

These Terms & Conditions apply to:

  • All quotations

  • All garden & landscape design services.

  • All design commissions including concept design work, masterplan designs, planting plans, construction details, mood boards

  • All landscape management services

1. Definitions:  The ‘Company’ Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey. ‘The Client’ means the person or persons that requests and or commissions Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey to carry out work.

2. Prior to any works commencing, the acceptance of quotation must be signed and returned to Craig T Bailey at Craig T Bailey Landscape Design. You are advised to retain a copy for your records.

3. Upon the signed return by the client of the quotation, a binding agreement shall arise upon the terms and conditions set out hereinafter. Any stipulation or condition in any order or acceptance by the Client which conflicts with these conditions shall be of no force or effort. A contract will also be formed as a result of any verbal orders or alterations from the Client regarding previously agreed work.

4. Prior to any works preceding, the first payment must be made to Craig T Bailey at Craig T Bailey Landscape Design. This can be paid by cheque or bank transfer to Craig T Bailey.

5. The ‘Design’ includes the works stated in the client brief and quote for proposed design work. All additional design and project management works will be charged at the stated hourly rate. 

6. All design revisions are chargeable at the stated hourly rate.

7. All design works commissioned are fully chargeable. If the Client decides not to install any design element this will be at the Clients discretion and the Clients responsibility. Should the Client choose not to have the project constructed for any reason, the agreed design fee remains payable. Payment will be due as per the payment terms stated on the invoice.

8. All the fees are based on known conditions at the time of viewing. All relevant conditions should be made clear at the initial Consultation Stage whenever possible.

9. Once work has commenced on the agreed design any additions to the requirement could require a revised issuing of the quote as well as full payment on work already completed.

10. Local travel for Client Brief & Consultation, Concept Plan Meeting and Plan Presentation is included where reasonable. Extra visits travel time is charged at the stated hourly rate.

11. The obligations of Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey are limited to the design content of the plans provided.  Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey cannot be held responsible for any faulty workmanship.

12. Where detailed structural work is involved (e.g. drainage, retaining walls over 1m, foundations, garden buildings and other structural elements), Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey  recommends professional advice is sought from a structural engineer before any implementation of the design or design concept, the costs of which will be borne by the Client. Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey cannot be held responsible for failure to do so or be held liable for any of these costs or consequences for not consulting a structural engineer or other professional.

13. Craig T Bailey Landscape Design offers personalised garden designs to customers’ requirements in the capacity of an experienced garden designer, this though is restricted and does not cover the role of ‘principal designer’ as defined in the CDM regulations 2015. Where there is likely to be more than one contractor the client is responsible for appointing in writing a principal designer and principal contractor prior to the construction commencing (regulation 5 (1-2)). A general health & safety statement based on risks identified at the site visit may be provided with the quote. On completion of the commission details of any health & safety considerations may also be issued to the client.

14. All quotations are valid for 14 days and maybe subject to alterations after that date.

15. Hourly rates are calculated to the nearest half of an hour.

16. Late payments:  The Company reserves the right to charge interest on any late payments. Interest will be charged at 10%, compounded weekly. The Company may also charge the client £25 for each presentation of unpaid cheques and any administrative fees levied on the Company by a financial institution for such presentations.

17. Project management will be charged at the stated hourly rate unless otherwise agreed. This will be individual to the project depending upon the scope of works, designer involvement and would be agreed upon in advance.

18. Basic Pricing Structure

  • Initial design service consultations are free within a 25-mile radius of Nantwich, beyond this a fee of £45 will be charged for a 60min consultation.

  • The advice and recommendation service is charged at £45 per hour. 1 hour minimum for clients within 25 miles and 2 hour minimum for clients outside of 25 miles.

  • Design services are charged at an hourly rate of £45.

  • For an average sized domestic garden my standard design service will cost between £675-£950 depending on the size and complexity of the site.

  • Larger gardens will usually cost in the region of £950-£1900, again depending upon complexity.

  • Planting plans* are completed based on the hourly rate of £45.

  • Construction plans* are completed based on the hourly rate of £45.

    • *Will take approx. 5-10 hours per plan dependant on size and complexity.

  • Project management, monitoring and establishment visits are charged at the hourly rate and are agreed in advance as required. Outside the 25-mile radius, a minimum of 2 hours of time is applicable.

  • Landscape Assessment reports at a town/parish scale cost between £1,800-£3,000

  • Conservation Management Plans cost between £1,800-£3,000 depending upon the size, complexity, and number of historic layers.

  • All printing, printing sundries and postage will be chargeable.

  • Before work commences 25% of the total fees is payable. An invoice will be issued upon receipt of this signed and dated acceptance of quotation. 25% of fees will also be due upon completion of and presentation of the three sketch plans and the remaining 50% of fees will be due upon completion of master plan (and other plans if required). Invoices will be issued at these stages during the project.

  • The Standard design service allows for three visits/meetings – site assessment; review of sketch plans and presentation of master plan at 40-60 minutes each.  If longer or other visits are required, then these will be changed at the stated hourly rate.

19. Scheduling

  • A clients design journey will be scheduled once a signed acceptance of the quote has been received. A typical design journey lasts 4 - 8 weeks. Once concept plans have been submitted to the client, an agreement on which to proceed with to master plan stage has to be made by the client within 7 days. Any delay at this stage by the client would mean that the design journey has to be rescheduled to the next available dates.

21. Cancellation

In the event of a cancellation, a charge will be made for any works undertaken and will be charged at the stated hourly rate. If this is lower than any deposit made, then the entire deposit will be forfeited due to disruption in programming that cancellation will cause. If work completed at point of cancellation is higher than any deposit already made, then an invoice will be issued which will be payable on the terms stated within the invoice. Work completed can include but is not exhaustive of; travelling, site visits, surveys, meetings off site, consultations, plant sourcing, material sourcing, nursery visits, soil testing and any concept design or design work which has occurred.

22. Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights.

  • All sketches, designs, concept designs, plans of any description and documents prepared by Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey are the intellectual property of the Company and are subject to the copyright laws of England.

  • All design works are copyrighted to Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey. All rights reserved. All design work remains the property of Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, plans and images of your garden can be used in subsequent promotion to illustrate work completed by Craig T Bailey Landscape Design & Craig T Bailey Such as on www.craigtbailey.co.uk.

23. Your data: Any personal data you provide will be used for the sole purpose of providing a quote and garden design services. Your information may be securely retained after work has been completed for the exclusive use of complying with accounting processes. No mailing lists are compiled and no data is released to any other party.

24. Law:  These terms and conditions shall be subject to the Laws of England & Wales, and the Client agrees to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of these courts.