Design Services

A range of design consultancy services are available to meet your project requirements.
These services can range from advice only through to full design proposals. 

Advice & Recommendation Service 

If you just require advice and direction rather than a full design then this service could be well suited to your needs. This service takes place in your garden space where Craig will discuss your garden vision, giving direction and promoting effective garden design principles and spatial dynamics. Advice on suitable planting can also be given.

Most clients find that 1 to 2 hours discussing their needs gives them the information and the confidence to then make progress on their garden project.

Standard Design Service

This service follows a comprehensive design process, and allows for regular consultation at different stages, giving you optimum control throughout the production of the desired design.


This process includes:


Initial Consultation  

Meeting you, visiting the site and gaining an understanding of your needs and ideas.


Survey and Analysis 

Recording site measurements and site characteristics (large and complex sites may require third party survey).


Outline Concept Proposals  

Based upon information received, three different outline proposals will be produced in the form of concept plans to provide you with options to choose which is most suitable to be developed further.


Final Design 

Once a conceptual layout is agreed, a detailed hand drawn scaled colour master plan will be produced of the bespoke design, illustrating layout along with details of materials and features included. This can then be passed on to the landscape contractor to commence implementation. A sectional-elevation will also be drawn up to allow you to visualise the final design.



Further services available to compliment the standard design services are:

Planting Plans 

Detailed planting designs for part or all of the garden, which clearly demonstrate where each plant should be positioned to achieve the desired effect. A planting schedule will also be included to enable the contractor or yourself to order the correct plants, sizes and quantities from a wholesale nursery. Planting elevations can also be made if desired, these are particularly useful if you intend to personally carry out the planting, as they allow you to effectively visualise the scheme prior to and during the planting. 


Construction Details 

Detailed plans clearing illustrating how hard landscape features in the design should be built. These can be devised with additional information if you are looking to DIY. Setting out plans can also be provided which are essential if you will be undertaking the construction yourselves, and are also beneficial for the contractors to use. 


Project Monitoring 

Regular visits can be made throughout the garden construction to provide opportunities to discuss any issues and to liaise with the contractor on your behalf where necessary to ensure the design is fully realised. 


Site Establishment Visits 

In the months following completion, appointments can be made to visit the garden and to assess establishment and identify any issues with planting or construction.

Please note that Craig T Bailey Landscape Design does not offer construction services but is able to recommend suitable contractors.